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InvestEU and a Europe Fit for the Digital Age

Digital transition is essential to Europe’s future prosperity and resilience. Improved connectivity, widespread use of innovative digital technologies and an accelerated digital transformation of ecosystems and businesses across economic sectors will increase competitiveness and resilience, and will create new sources of revenues. 

InvestEU will significantly strengthen investments in digital infrastructures, technologies, and skills, focusing in particular on:

  • More and better connectivity, providing the necessary bandwidth for health, education, transport, logistics and media, and reducing the digital divide which was very visible during the crisis.
  • The development, deployment and widespread use of digital technologies that transform industry and make a real difference to people’s daily lives, such as super-computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, data, and Internet of Things.
  • Strengthening European presence in key parts of the digital supply chain, such as semiconductors, including microprocessors, data technologies, 5G and quantum technologies which are of particular importance for security, trust and strategic autonomy.
  • The digital transformation of ecosystems and businesses across economic sectors, strengthening their potential and equipping them with the necessary digital tools and processes to compete and be resilient.
  • Innovative media content and technologies: the cultural and creative sectors are essential for our cultural diversity and democracy, while also generating growing economic value. Investments in audio-visual and media will determine the long term capacity to produce and distribute content and to compete globally.
  • Digital investments under InvestEU will also contribute to a sustainable, climate-neutral and resource-efficient economy. There is solid evident that the impact of digitalisation, and in particular of green digital technologies on climate is positive and significant.