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Campus Polytechnique


The Project contributes to the modernisation and adaptation of teaching and research infrastructure to the pedagogical, research and technical requirements of the 21st century of the Ecole Polytechnique (EP). The project concerns the deep renovation and restructuring of EP's main educational building situated at the heart of its campus in Palaiseau, on the Saclay Plateau south of Paris, France. The building has a floor area of 24 000 m2 and houses lecture halls, seminar rooms, work areas for students, the university's library as well as office space for EP's administration. The project also comprises the construction of a 5 000 m2 new laboratory building replacing obsolete facilities as well as the renovation and modernisation of EP's existing main laboratory building in order to create state of the art research conditions for researchers. In addition, the project includes the relocation of several smaller buildings used by EP's technical services team to make space for a green area in line with the Plateau's master plan.

InvestEU operation amount EUR 70 million
Sector SECTION P: Education
Subsector Higher education
Policy window Social investment and skills
Approval by the Investment Committee 10 November 2022

Links and documents

9 JANUARY 2023
Conclusions - Campus Polytechnique
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9 JANUARY 2023
Scoreboard - Campus Polytechnique
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Campus Polytechnique

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Social investment and skills (SISW)