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Clean Energy Transition


This Framework Operation will provide debt financing to sub-projects related to the installation of new renewable energy generation capacity (primarily wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass), to the development of the energy transmission and storage infrastructure necessary to facilitate the integration of the renewables into the energy system, production and use of low-carbon fuel (e.g. green hydrogen or biogas) for the decarbonisation of industrial processes (e.g. steel, non-ferrous metals, cement and other non-metallic minerals, chemicals (including fertilisers) and mobility or as integral part of the energy system.

InvestEU operation amount 300 million
Sector N/A
Subsector N/A
Policy window Research, innovation and digitisation (RIDW) & Sustainable Infrastructure (SIW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 12 May 2023

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22 ĠUNJU 2023
Conclusions_Clean Energy Transition

InvestEU Investment Committee approves NIB’s clean energy transition Framework operation - Nordic Investment Bank

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Eligible areas
Implementing partner
Policy window
Research, innovation and digitisation (RIDW)Sustainable Infrastructure (SIW)