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Prêts Renouvellement Urbain « General » – 2023 (Framework Operation)


This Framework Operation will cover the “Prêts Renouvellement Urbain” (PRU) loans that target specific districts of selected cities with a high level of social challenges (“politique de la ville”) in sectors such as education, human health and social, water supply, wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and food, public administration and defence, arts, entertainment, etc. Specifically, this operation will cover the General Debt Financial Product for the Social Investment and Skills Window, recognising that the EU Guarantee limit for the Thematic Product could be absorbed by the General Debt product in case it is not used / needed for thematic operations.

InvestEU operation amount 171 million
Sector Water supply; Wholesale and retail trade; Accommodation and food; Public administration and defence; Education; Human health and social; Arts, entertainment; Other
Subsector N/A
Policy window Social investment and skills (SISW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 12 May 2023

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22 JUNE 2023
Prêts Renouvellement Urbain « General » – 2023 (Framework Operation)

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For further details about signed operations under InvestEU, see Access to EU Finance

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Policy window
  • Social investment and skills (SISW)
Eligible areas
  • Energy
  • Social investments
Implementing partner
  • CDC