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Increase of Framework Operation #14 for Sustainability Guarantee


Increase of Framework Operation #14 INVEU-ICR-0050-2022 for Sustainability Guarantee approved by the Investment Committee on 7 July 2022. This Framework Operation aims to support Sub-Projects that in turn target to finance the green and sustainable transformation of the European economy, specifically in the areas of climate mitigation and adaptation, transition to a circular economy, water resources, pollution prevention and control, protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem and investments in the development or adoption of sustainable and organic agricultural practices.

InvestEU operation amount n.a.
Sector Multi-sector
Subsector n.a.
Policy window Small and Medium Sized enterprises / Sustainable Infrastructure
Approval by the Investment Committee 20 October 2022

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Framework Operations (“FO”) represent envelopes under which the Implementing Partner then can add sub-projects. The FO is published when the first sub-project is signed. The field “Project locations” references the possible geographical location of sub-projects that can be signed under the FO. It does not mean that for each of the Member State listed a signed sub-project exists. 

For further details about signed operations under InvestEU, see Access to EU Finance

4 JANUARY 2023
Conclusions - Increase of Framework Operation #14 for Sustainability Guarantee
(114.59 KB - PDF)
4 JANUARY 2023
Scoreboard - Increase of Framework Operation #14 for Sustainability Guarantee (same as INVEU-ICR-0050-2022 of Meeting no 6)
(227.06 KB - PDF)

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Eligible areas
EnergyMobilityEnvironmentResearch, development and innovationSMEs and small mid-capsIndustrial Site RehabilitationSustainable bioeconomySocial investmentsSeas and oceans
Implementing partner
Policy window
SMEs (SMEW)Sustainable Infrastructure (SIW)