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Investment Plan for Europe success stories

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Investment Plan for Europe success stories (37)

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A.I.R.SEA.NET. - Hellenic Seaplanes

Hellenic Seaplanes SA. develops A.I.R.SEA.NET. - Advanced Integrated Regional SEAplane NETwork, (water aerodromes, technical bases & training centre) and started successful seaplane operations.


ARION2 is a microlauncher for launching microsatellites into low-earth orbit (LEO). It aims to cater to the current lack of launch opportunities for small payloads. Small payloads and microsatellites are a more cost-effective solution that caters to a larger market.

Cleaner buses for Bulgaria’s capital city

Sofia wants to renew its bus fleet and is considering buying up to 120 buses that use compressed natural gas, 20 hybrid electric buses, 20 fully electric buses and 20 diesel buses.


CRIAM - Chemical Reaction and Image Analysis for Mobility - is a portable and automatic medical device for blood typing (in 3 minutes) and disease detection.

Energy efficient street lighting in Vilnius

Vilnius’s street lighting is inefficient and the lighting networks are obsolete, causing poor lighting, continuous failures and high energy and operational costs. UAB, the street lighting company that operates the network, plans to install LED bulbs in 40,000 lamps and replace 10% of cables and...


Eparella already finished construction of a microalgae production facility. Microalgal biomass has potential to revolutionise many sectors, including biofuels, aquaculture, agriculture, nutrition and cosmetics.

Finance for a new space race

The intense space race between the United States and the Soviet Union paved the way for a lot of today’s technology and has continually driven countries to develop new space systems. Today, a new space race is occurring among private companies, rather than nations.

Finance for innovative Mediterranean diet technology

Creta Farms’ inventiveness focuses on a complex, proprietary technology that allows the company to remove saturated animal fats from its meats and, instead, to inject extra virgin olive oil, which includes unsaturated fat, making the meats healthier.