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About the InvestEU Fund

The InvestEU Fund combines thirteen centrally managed EU financial instruments and the European Fund for Strategic Investments into one instrument.

Under the InvestEU Fund, there is a single fund with a strong financial capacity and a single set of coherent requirements, which applies throughout the financing cycle to the benefit of final beneficiaries and financial intermediaries. Thanks to its centralised nature, InvestEU is able to deliver on EU policy objectives, minimise overlaps and ensure synergies.


What does it finance?

The InvestEU Fund is a market-based and demand-driven instrument, with strong emphasis on EU policy priorities. It supports the following four Policy Windows, focusing on investments where the EU can add the most value:

  • Sustainable infrastructure
    Financing projects in sustainable energy, digital connectivity, transport, the circular economy, water, waste, other environment infrastructure and more.
  • Research, innovation and digitalisation
    Financing projects in research and innovation, taking research results to the market, digitisation of industry, scaling up larger innovative companies, artificial intelligence and more.
  • Small and medium-sized companies
    Facilitating access to finance for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), small mid-cap companies.  including innovative ones and those operating in the cultural and creative sectors.
  • Social investment and skills
    Financing projects in skills, education, training, social housing, schools, universities, hospitals, social innovation, healthcare, long-term care and accessibility, microfinance, social enterprise, integration of migrants, refugees and vulnerable people, and more.

All policy windows may include strategic investments including Important Projects of Common European Interest to support final recipients whose activities are of strategic importance to the EU, in particular in view of the green and digital transitions, of enhanced resilience and of strengthening strategic value chains.


23 FRAR 2022
InvestEU Scoreboard – elements and detailed rules
(909.02 KB - PDF)
20 ĠUNJU 2022
Guidance on the InvestEU Programme climate and environmental tracking for implementing partners (incl. annexes)
(1.57 MB - PDF)

Technical guidance on sustainability proofing for the InvestEU Fund

Investment guidelines for the InvestEU fund