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Investment Committee

An independent Investment Committee approves the use of the EU guarantee for financing and investment operations proposed by the implementing partners, taking its decision on the basis of the due diligence presented by the implementing partner in the so-called scoreboard and guarantee request form. In doing this, it verifies the compliance with the regulation and the investment guidelines, giving particular attention to the requirements of (i) additionality and (ii) crowding in private investment, as well with all the other relevant prerequisites.

The Investment Committee meets in four different configurations, corresponding to the four policy windows. The Investment Committee is fully independent. When participating in the activities of the Investment Committee, its members, who have experience in investment in sectors covered by the relevant policy window, perform their duties impartially and in the sole interest of the InvestEU Fund.

EU guarantee approvals

Aggregated maximum size of approved EU guarantee of all meetings: EUR 20.2 billion (as of mid-June 2024)


Fabio Pammoli

Chairperson of the Investment Committee Permanent Member


Non-permanent Member for the sustainable infrastructure policy window


Non-permanent Member for the sustainable infrastructure policy window


Non-permanent Member for the research, innovation and digitisation policy window


Non-permanent Member for the SME policy window


Non-permanent Member for the social investment and skills policy window