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Educapital II


Educapital was founded in 2016 by two female Partners with the ambition to leverage their investment, entrepreneurial and managerial experience to create a venture capital firm that would deliver resilient financial and social impact returns. The Partners identified the education sector as heavily under digitised and standing at the tipping point of its technological transformation. Educapital is the first impact firm in Europe with a strategy focusing on the skills and education areas. The Fund is the first specialized impact fund in Europe on skills and education, that seeks to achieve social impact, in terms of reach, inclusion and learning outcomes. The Fund's strategy will target investments into software and hybrid (tech-enabled hardware) solutions that improve learning outcomes, reaches marginalised population segments toddlers to adults. It aims to address the lack of quality educational outcomes, poor student engagement, and the digital skillset gap in the EU- 27, all of which are particularly acute among socio­ economically or otherwise marginalised segments of the population.

InvestEU operation amount n.a.
Sector Multi-sector
Subsector Education, training, skills
Policy window Social investment and skills (SISW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 11 May 2022

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22 DECEMBER 2022
Conclusions - Educapital II
22 DECEMBER 2022
Scoreboard - Educapital II

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Policy window
  • Social investment and skills (SISW)
Eligible areas
  • Social investments
Implementing partner
  • EIF