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ETZ Sustainable Hospital Care


The project supports the lnvestEU objective of social investments, by creating infrastructure for basic, complex and acute hospital care. The project covers the first two phases of the three-phased long-term strategic investment plan of ETZ, a top-clinical hospital in Tilburg, the Netherlands. By concentrating acute and complex care at the main location ETZ-Elisabeth, the Hospital aims to optimise the quality, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of its healthcare activities. Its other two locations, ETZ Waalwijk and ETZ-TweeSteden, will be renewed as well, and retain a role in diagnostics, elective and plannable care, ensuring hospital services remain available in patients' direct proximity. The project will renew and improve care infrastructure and help ETZ to cope with the increasing demand for healthcare from a growing and ageing population. In addition, the project will improve the energy efficiency of the Hospital's infrastructure and improve its carbon footprint

InvestEU operation amount EUR 200 million
Sector Hospital activities
Policy window Social investment and skills (SISW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 11 September 2023

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ETZ Sustainable Hospital Care

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Policy window
  • Social investment and skills (SISW)
Eligible areas
  • Social investments
Implementing partner
  • EIB