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This operation, in the form of portfolio guarantee, supports access to finance to companies operating in the Cultural and Creative Sectors ("CCS "). The intermediary focuses on small and medium-sized companies and small public enterprises in the CCS space. It supports the creation, growth and upscaling of projects and products of new or existing companies operating in the CCS fields, by providing financing throughout all the different stages of their lifecycle. The provision of the EU Guarantee will allow the Intermediary to:

  • continue to offer existing debt products, which were launched thanks to the predecessor CCS Guarantee Facility, with improved conditions to the eligible final recipients;
  • launch new debt products to the benefit of CCS companies, aiming at tackling short-term financing needs of entities active in the production environment (e.g. expositions, audiovisual, performing arts, gaming)
Sector Cultural and creative sectors
Subsector n.a.
Policy window SMEs (SMEW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 20 October 2022

Links and documents

17 APRIL 2023
Conclusions - ST'ART S.A.
(117.51 KB - PDF)
17 APRIL 2023
Scoreboard - ST'ART S.A.
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Eligible areas
SMEs and small mid-caps
Implementing partner
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