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How to become an InvestEU advisory partner



Selection of advisory partners under InvestEU

The European Commission, implementing the InvestEU Advisory Hub, selects its advisory partners among national promotional banks and institutions (NPBIs), international financial institutions (IFIs), executive agencies or external service providers (e.g. consultancy companies, sectoral associations) active within the EU to implement one or several advisory initiatives.

The 1st Call for Expression of Interest for the InvestEU Advisory Hub to select advisory partners was published in 2021. Six advisory partners were selected after the 1st call and five concluded an advisory agreement with the European Commission. (One partner later withdrew its application.)

A 2nd Call for Expression of Interest for the InvestEU Advisory Hub has been published on 25 October 2023. The maximum EU budget contribution allocated to this 2nd call is EUR 33.1 million. Applications can be submitted at any time on a rolling basis. They will be considered for evaluation on a bi-annual basis at the cut-off dates specified in the call. Only applicants which have successfully completed their pillar assessment at the time of the cut-off date by which they submit their offer are eligible under this call. (The assessment must be performed by an independent external auditor in accordance with the terms of references defined by the Commission. The terms of reference currently applicable have been adopted by Commission Decision C(2019)2882 of 17.4.2019.)

How to become an Advisory Partner?

When selecting advisory partners, the Commission evaluates:

  • the experience and ability of the advisory partners to implement advisory initiatives;
  • the quality and plausibility of the implementation of the proposed advisory initiatives; and
  • the extent to which the advisory partner:
    • covers the objectives of the InvestEU programme;
    • demonstrates the impact of the advisory proposal in terms of creating an investable pipeline of InvestEU projects;
    • is able to demonstrate the additionality of the proposed advisory initiatives in relation to other existing EU advisory programmes at the local level or to other advisory activities deployed by advisory partners outside the InvestEU Advisory Hub;
    • the contribution of the advisory partners covers the eligible costs for the implementation of the respective advisory initiative(s)

For advisory initiatives that cannot be served by the InvestEU advisory partners, the InvestEU Advisory Hub can also use external service providers.


18 JANUARY 2024
Webinar on the 2nd Calls for Expression of Interest (NEW! Links to recorded webinar at the end)
22 FEBRUARY 2024
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2nd Call for Expression of Interest to select advisory partners under the InvestEU Advisory Hub
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19 MARCH 2024
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25 OCTOBER 2023
Model advisory agreement

Annexes to the model agreement:

25 OCTOBER 2023
Annex II General Conditions
25 OCTOBER 2023
Annex VII Financial reporting template
25 OCTOBER 2023
Annex VIII InvestEU Advisory Hub Operational Reporting Methodology