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Framework Operation #2 for Cultural and Creative Sector Guarantee


The purpose of this Framework Operation is to support Sub-Projects addressing the Cultural and Creative Sectors ("CCS"), in line with the relevant objectives and criteria enshrined in the lnvestEU Guarantee Agreement. ElF will provide (counter-) guarantees for the benefit of financing provided to eligible CCS final recipients in the form of loans, leases, guarantees, minimum guarantees, bonds, etc.; CCS includes inter alia architecture, archives, libraries and museums, artistic crafts, audio-visual (including film, television, video games and multimedia), tangible and intangible cultural heritage, design, festivals, music, literature, performing arts, publishing, radio and visual arts. The implementation of the Sub-Projects under this Framework Operation builds on the successful deployment of the predecessor initiative supported by EFSI, the CCS guarantee.

InvestEU operation amount n.a.
Sector Multi-sector
Subsector Cultural, creative sectors
Policy window Small and Medium Sized enterprises (SMEW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 07 July 2022

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Framework Operations (“FO”) represent envelopes under which the Implementing Partner then can add sub-projects. The FO is published when the first sub-project is signed. The field “Project locations” references the possible geographical location of sub-projects that can be signed under the FO. It does not mean that for each of the Member State listed a signed sub-project exists. 

For further details about signed operations under InvestEU, see Access to EU Finance

22 DECEMBER 2022
Conclusions - Framework operation #2 for Cultural and Creative Sector Guarantee
(112.76 KB - PDF)
22 DECEMBER 2022
Scoreboard - Framework operation #2 for Cultural and Creative Sector Guarantee
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Eligible areas
SMEs and small mid-capsCultural, creative sectors and media
Implementing partner
Policy window