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Green Uncapped Guarantee Framework


The Framework Operation will comprise uncapped unfunded portfolio guarantees provided by the EBRD to private commercial Financial Institutions in the EU12 CoOs. The guarantees will cover FIs’ newly generated portfolios of eligible loans financing investments in sustainable transport and sustainable (energy efficiency and renewable energy) projects in residential buildings under the EU Compartment of InvestEU, contributing to energy savings and CO2 emission reductions. This will help to address the vital issue of carbon intensity of the economies of the EU12 CoOs and energy sovereignty.

InvestEU operation amount 210,5 million
Sector Sustainable Transport; Energy efficiency; Renewable energy
Subsector N/A
Policy window Sustainable Infrastructure (SIW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 24 March 2023

Links and documents

15 JUNE 2023
Conclusions - EBRD Green Uncapped Guarantee (EBRD)
15 JUNE 2023
First InvestEU projects by EBRD support sustainable projects

New EBRD projects approved by InvestEU Investment Committee

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Policy window
  • Sustainable Infrastructure (SIW)
Eligible areas
  • Energy
  • Mobility
Implementing partner
  • EBRD