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Innova / 7

Digital Europe

The Fund will target 10-12 investments in lower to mid-market companies active across many sectors primarily in Central and Eastern Europe. Their common denominator are tech driven companies benefitting from the acceleration of digitalisation of the economy and post-COVID recovery

InvestEU operation amount n.a.
Sector Multi-sector
Subsector n.a.
Policy window Small and Medium Sized enterprises (SMEW) / Research, innovation and digitisation (RIDW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 12 May 2022

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For further details about signed operations under InvestEU, see Access to EU Finance

Conclusions – Innova 7
Scoreboard – Innova 7

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Policy window
  • Research, innovation and digitisation (RIDW)
  • SMEs (SMEW)
Eligible areas
  • Digital technologies and services
  • SMEs and small mid-caps
Implementing partner
  • EIF