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Loxam Electronic Capex Programme


The project consists of substituting fossil fuel-powered, polluting and CO2-emitting rental equipment in France. It includes the implementation of charging stations and hydrogen-refuelling stations, as well as the associated digitalisation for tracking, remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance.

InvestEU operation amount EUR 130 million
Sector Administrative and Support Service Activities
Subsector renting and leasing of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
Policy window Sustainable Infrastructure (SIW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 1 April 2022

Links and documents

Conclusions - Loxam Electronic Capex Programme
Scoreboard - Loxam Electronic Capex Programme

Loxam electronic capex programme

Press release - 26 September 2022 - InvestEU in France: Loxam receives €130 million loan from the European Investment Bank to support its energy transition

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Policy window
  • Sustainable Infrastructure (SIW)
Eligible areas
  • Mobility
Implementing partner
  • EIB