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Marguerite III


The Fund will target mainly greenfield investments, with the remainder being investments in existing infrastructure assets for which funding of expansion capital expenditure is required. The Fund’s strategy is focused on financing projects at various stages of development and on platforms with significant capital expenditure expansion programmes. These investments can be in established technologies and -within an appropriate limit- in emerging technologies focused on climate change mitigation, which at this stage have limited to no market adoption, limited to no commercial or operational track record and regulatory frameworks which are still to be shaped. This is particularly the case with floating offshore, low-carbon hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, electricity storage, and certain circular economy investments.

InvestEU operation amount n.a.
Sector Multi-sector
Subsector Electric power generation, transmission and distribution Water collection, treatment and supply Passenger trail transport, interurban Wired telecommunications activities Wireless telecommunications activities Data processing, hosting and related activitie
Policy window Sustainable Infrastructure
Approval by the Investment Committee 08 September 2022

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For further details about signed operations under InvestEU, see Access to EU Finance

31 JANUARY 2023
Conclusions - Marguerite III
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31 JANUARY 2023
Scoreboard - Marguerite III
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Eligible areas
EnergyMobilityEnvironmentDigital connectivity and infrastructure
Implementing partner
Policy window
Sustainable Infrastructure (SIW)