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Social Work Education and Training in Catalonia


The operation aims to support FPT in its efforts to provide quality educational and training services in Catalonia. The operation will partially finance the construction and equipment of a new building that will house the higher education and professional training programs of the Foundation, currently delivered in two different rented locations, and the headquarters of Fundació Pere Tarrés, currently located in a premise owned by the Foundation in downtown Barcelona. Furthermore, the Foundation expects to house in the new building an Observatory for Social Innovation and a Laboratory for Social Action, two new initiatives to further develop and share knowledge and best practices in the field of social and educational work, with space for experimentation and creation of new learning methodologies focused on new technologies and digital innovation.

InvestEU operation amount EUR 19 million
Sector Education
Subsector 85.41 Post secondary non-tertiary
Policy window Social investment and skills (SISW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 23 March 2023

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23 MARCH 2023
Conclusions - Social Work Education and Training in Catalonia

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Policy window
  • Social investment and skills (SISW)
Eligible areas
  • Social investments
Implementing partner
  • CEB