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Hyet Solar Netherlands BV


HyET Solar has developed a fully flexible, very lightweight thin film solar foil (“Powerfoil”). It is based on affordable and abundantly available and harmless material: amorphous silicon (aSi) at competitive price. Compared to mainstream glass PV (c-Si), thin film generally has a lower efficiency, to be set off by lower costs by scaling up production and potentially increasing efficiency through R&D on perovskites and other innovative materials. The company is going from a 1MWp R&D production line to a 40MWp demonstration production line to be able to demonstrate its first version of its product and prove market fit.

InvestEU operation amount EUR 20.75 million
Sector Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Policy window Research, innovation and digitisation (RIDW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 06 December 2023

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12 FEBRUARY 2024
Conclusions - Hyet Solar Netherlands BV

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Policy window
  • Research, innovation and digitisation (RIDW)
Eligible areas
  • Energy
  • Research, development and innovation
Implementing partner
  • Invest-NL