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Innovation Programme Loan for Spain and Portugal

Research and development

The proposed operation is designed to support investments in research, innovation and digitalisation of corporate counterparts. The operation comprises the following two tranches: (1) the InvestEU Tranche (“IEU Tranche”), which will be entirely dedicated to corporate investments eligible under InvestEU’s Research, Innovation and Digitalisation window (“Rresearch, innovation and digitisation”). The IEU tranche is conceived to finance eligible enterprises that carry out investment programmes with a large component of costs aligned to the Rresearch, innovation and digitisation General Debt financial product. (2) the EIB Own Risk tranche (“OR Tranche”), which will support project costs of the Borrowers’ investment plans which would be eligible under EIB’s Innovation, Digital, Human Capital policy goal and are related to research, innovation and digitalisation, including the deployment of innovative technologies at commercial scale. The loan amounts under the OR Tranche would not benefit from the Invest-EU guarantee.

InvestEU operation amount EUR 200 million
Sector Multi-sector
Subsector e.g. automotive and mobility, energy equipment, materials and pharmaceutical and life science technologies
Policy window Research, innovation and digitisation (RIDW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 08 June 2022

Links and documents

4 JANUARY 2023
Conclusions - Innovation Programme Loan for Spain and Portugal
4 JANUARY 2023
Scoreboard - Innovation Programme Loan for Spain and Portugal

Innovation Programme Loan for Spain and Portugal

Programme loans (“PL”) represent envelopes under which the Implementing Partner then can add sub-projects. The PL is published when the first sub-project is signed (see link above). The field “Project locations” references the possible geographical location of sub-projects that can be signed under the PL. It does not mean that for each of the Member State listed a signed sub-project exists.

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Policy window
  • Research, innovation and digitisation (RIDW)
Eligible areas
  • Research, development and innovation
Implementing partner
  • EIB