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Marguerite III (CDPE)


Marguerite III represents a unique initiative within the European infrastructure context, which purses key interests of the Union and has no comparison at pan-European level, thanks to the participation of CDPE and 4 major NPBIs (BGK, CDC, ICO, KfW), along with the EIF. Thanks to its focus on key EU policy objectives, the Fund will support the development of infrastructure assets throughout the EU, in sectors where European policies lead to liberalization and opening to private investment. In particular, the investment will support new asset creation or expansion in the energy transition, sustainable transport, digital infrastructure and circular economy sectors. The investment will be in the form of equity

InvestEU operation amount EUR 100m
Sector Electric power generation, transmission and distribution; Water collection, treatment and supply; Passenger rail transport, interurban; Wired telecommunications activities; Wireless telecommunications activities; Data processing, hosting and related activities
Policy window Sustainable Infrastructure (SIW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 18 December 2023

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26 MARCH 2024
Scoreboard – Marguerite III (CDPE)

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Policy window
  • Sustainable Infrastructure (SIW)
Eligible areas
  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Environment
  • Digital connectivity and infrastructure
Implementing partner
  • CDPE