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Romanian pharmaceutical R&D project

Research and development

It is intended to enhance the industrial as well as the research development and advanced manufacturing capabilities of the company (Antibiotice S.A.) by investment into: (i) advanced manufacturing capabilities for sterile products (topical and powder forms). This sub-project spans all project tasks from project design, procurement and contracting for purchasing European best-in-class manufacturing equipment and clean rooms, regulatory authorisations, good manufacturing practice and test-first batch production. (ii) large Research and Development Centre, including purchasing the most advanced technology equipment and platforms, employment of dedicated personnel as well as the first feasibility steps for the development of the next generation of the Company’s portfolio products. (iii) site digitalization and computerization activities at the manufacturing and operations site

InvestEU operation amount EUR 25 million
Sector Manufacture of basical pharmaceutical products
Policy window Research, innovation and digitisation (RIDW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 12 October 2023

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For further details about signed operations under InvestEU, see Access to EU Finance

17 JANUARY 2024
Conclusions - Romanian pharmaceutical R&D project
17 JANUARY 2024
Scoreboard - Romanian pharmaceutical R&D project

Romanian pharmaceutical R&D project

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Policy window
  • Research, innovation and digitisation (RIDW)
Eligible areas
  • Research, development and innovation
Implementing partner
  • EIB