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Vivium Sustainable Elderly Care


The operation supports Vivium’s strategic investment plan that includes the construction of a new elderly care facility in Naarden (Netherlands), as well as a series of investments in Vivium’s existing long-term care facilities to optimise patient care and improve environmental sustainability. Vivium's investment strategy is an integral part of a multi-dimensional approach through which the organisation aims to optimise efficiencies for the provision of elderly care, focussing on complementary measures: preventive medical action, increased opportunities for prolonged care at home in combination with district nursing, enhanced procedural efficiencies, and continued involvement of informal care providers, both at home and in intra-mural settings. Vivium intends to invest in improved building layouts and better infrastructure, sustainability, functionality, patient and staff comfort, fire safety and an improved indoor climate within most of its locations.

InvestEU operation amount EUR 70 million
Sector Social investments
Subsector Hospital activities; residential care nursing activities
Policy window Social investment and skills (SISW)
Approval by the Investment Committee 6 July 2023

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Vivium Sustainable Elderly Care

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Policy window
  • Social investment and skills (SISW)
Eligible areas
  • Social investments
Implementing partner
  • EIB