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How to get financing

The InvestEU Fund is operational since 2022. Following the launch of the InvestEU Programme, InvestEU implementing partners provide direct and intermediated financing solutions for both private and public project promoters (‘final recipients’). Please see our implementing partners here.

Guarantee agreements with implementing partners, including our main implementing partner, the EIB Group, have been signed in 2022 and the beginning of 2023, enabling  companies and project promoters to start applying for financing.

Guarantee agreements signatures with the remaining  implementing partners will follow in the course of 2023.

Who can apply for financing?

The InvestEU Fund provides support to final recipients that are deemed economically viable according to internationally accepted standards.

The eligible final recipients can be natural or legal persons established in an EU country or in a Third Eligible Country, including:

  • Private entities such as special-purpose vehicles (SPV) or project companies, large corporates, midcap companies, including small midcap companies, and SMEs
  • Public sector entities (territorial or not) and public-sector type entities
  • Mixed entities, such as public–private partnership (PPPs) and private companies with a public purpose
  • Non-for-profit organisations

How to apply for financing?

Project promoters should apply directly to implementing partners to see on suitable financing solutions based on the financial products supported by the EU guarantee.

Financial intermediaries should also consult the offering of implementing partners active in their regions proposing relevant products: it is up to them to select financial intermediaries through procedures such as calls for expressions of interest.

Current InvestEU Implementing Partners up to this date are listed here.

Small mid-caps, SMEs and social or micro-enterprises

These entities should apply to their local commercial or public banks whose financial products are covered by the EU guarantee in their country or region. The local intermediary will inform them if a particular financing programme is covered by the InvestEU Fund.

Find your local intermediary on our Access to EU Finance website, which already lists intermediaries under current EU programmes and will successively list InvestEU financial intermediaries.